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How I Work


I am a qualified Shamanic Energy worker and Reiki II practitioner and I use these energy healing modalities in an intuitive way to detect how the animal is feeling, mentally, emotionally and physically. Sometimes I sense dis-ease within your animal and, working with them, will channel unconditional loving energy to them so that energetic blockages and/or past emotional trauma can be cleared and the individual can seek to rebalance their energy system and promote their body’s natural ability to heal itself.


All sessions take place in your animal’s own home environment (or stable/kennel) where they are likely to feel more at ease. It is best if the animal is in a place where they can rest after the healing has finished.


I always carry out a detailed consultation of your animal companion’s history and lifestyle and keep records of their progress.


I do not need to place my hands on the animal if they are particularly nervous or aggressive. Some only like to have my hands an inch or so away, whilst others enjoy hands on contact. I always listen to the individual’s needs, which ultimately means that every healing session is different.


It is not unusual for the animal to offer where healing is needed. They always seem to know what they want, and they very often decide, with their body language, when the session ends (although a typical treatment lasts 45 minutes to an hour). Follow-up sessions, if needed, can be done remotely if you prefer.


An important part of your animal companion’s healing is including you as part of their healing process. You are often inextricably linked to each other, and it is important to acknowledge that you have a responsibility to help them rebalance and not expect them to be ‘fixed’ by a vet or complementary therapist. Working as a family often results in a deeper meaningful and happier bond between you and your animal.

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