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What is Energetic Healing?


The practice of energy healing for animals and humans is not a new idea. It has been around for centuries and is found in cultures all over the world, under different guises.


Energy healing is a complementary approach based on the belief that all living beings have energy flowing through them, and that healing can come from helping to balance this flow. Energy therapy is a technique in which a practitioner channels healing energy through their hands to the client’s body to restore the energy balance – healing may or may not involve physical touch.


Every human’s and animal’s energetic body is constantly trying to remain in balance, whilst being ‘attacked’ by outside influences such as dis-ease, pain, viruses, bacteria, poor diet, mental stress, the energy and behaviour of their animal and human companions, environmental pollutants, to name but a few.


An energy healer seeks to detect energetic blockages and, by channelling universal energy, allow the blockages to be cleared and support the body to achieve balance and realign energy to find healing.

You do not need faith for healing of you or your animal to work. The energy which flows through all and everything is Universal, and not defined by religion or belief systems. Even Western society’s conventional medical organisations are beginning to recognise energy therapies - the NHS has occasionally been known to prescribe acupuncture and reflexology!

Black Dog

The Benefits of Holistic Animal Healing


Animal healing is a valuable tool for many chronic and acute conditions, injuries, illnesses (both physical and emotional) and can support whatever veterinary care or alternative therapy (such as hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, massage etc.) is being administered. Below are just some of the many benefits:


On the Physical level:


  • Enhancing the recovery from accidents, illness, wounds and operation scars

  • Arthritis

  • Inflammation

  • Skin conditions

  • Hip pain

  • Joint problems

  • Muscular aches and pains

  • Back pain

  • Digestive problems

  • Cancer

  • Long-term health conditions

  • Pregnancy/Nursing/Weaning

  • Old Age – by energising and revitalising geriatric animals

  • End of Life Care (further details here)


Holistic Energy Healing, a calming relaxing therapy, is highly beneficial for animals dealing with Emotional and Behaviour problems. It helps the individual to release unresolved trauma and return to a balanced state – or reach a balanced state for the first time in their lives, if the poor creature has experienced nothing but abuse from a young age. Probably all rescue centre animals are in need of some form of energetic release and rebalance.


There might be a known reason for your animal to experience fear, anxiety, or stress. For example, physical or psychological abuse/trauma; fireworks; animal attacks, loud noises, car journeys, strange environments, separation, bereavement. But sometimes fear, anxiety and stress can hide in plain sight by manifesting in a variety of behavioural difficulties such as:


  • Defensiveness

  • Over-excitability

  • Withdrawal

  • Nervousness

  • Aggression

  • Depression

  • Chewing

  • Barking


The emotional well-being of an animal is sometimes overlooked by those they live with, which is a shame as, just like humans, too much stress can create not just behaviour but physical problems too. Problems such as skin complaints, a weaken immune system, elevated blood pressure and certain heart, respiratory and gastrointestinal conditions. If your animal is not responding fully to conventional treatment of such ailments, then perhaps it’s time to add the gentle treatment which Wild Life Wellness can offer.


Many people are also unaware that emotional / behavioural changes in their animal companion can stem from the onset of physical pain. If you notice any confusion or disorientation, pacing, whimpering, change in sleep patterns, loss of bladder or bowel, low energy or unusual aggression, chances are there may be an underlying medical condition which needs attending too. Please take your animal to a vet to be checked over. Holistic healing might also be considered as a gentle complementary support to any veterinarian treatment given. 

Horse in Stable

What Animals can be treated by Holistic Healing?


This form of healing is beneficial for all species of animals, including reptiles, birds and fish. Horses, dogs and cats are particularly sensitive recipients, but rabbits, goats, sheep…well, just about any creature will enjoy the energy exchange!


How do Animals React to Holistic Healing?


It does depend on the individual, but most animals go into a state of deep relaxation and might even fall asleep whilst receiving energy. During the session there might be some stretching, yawning, twitching, even air release from either end! It’s also not uncommon for animals to move away, at least initially, whilst they get used to the healing sensation. Occasionally, an individual might be hyper-active for a while after the session but that doesn’t last long.


Do expect (and allow) for your animal to sleep deeply and for longer than you might usually experience or seem ‘spaced out’. This is all part of the process and deep healing is continuing within them. They might also require more time alone in the days after a healing session, in order to process its effects, so try to avoid any stressful or exciting events.

Please also be aware that, very occasionally, the animal might reject any form of healing. Healing cannot be forced upon any being. If the practitioner senses this is the case then they will honour the animal's request.

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