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Compassionate End-of-Life Support for your Beloved Animal Companion


Nothing compares to the unconditional love and companionship that animals can offer. Their love hugely benefits our lives and so it is inevitable that the hardest part of sharing your life with animals is knowing that the day will come when they physically leave us. Preparing to say goodbye will always be extremely painful for both human and pet.


Preparing for the loss of your companion can be emotionally and psychologically disorientating and often decisions about your beloved animal’s end-of-life care seem overwhelming – particularly if you live alone or are the main care-giver. Wild Life Wellness offers a pet doula service, creating the best environment before, during and after death to relax your special companion and support them (and you) on their final journey, with great love, honour and respect.

What is a Pet Doula?


Just as a birth doula provides emotional and physical support during childbirth, a pet doula offers similar support during the end-of-life process for pets. Doulas provide comfort, companionship and guidance to both pets and their human guardians as they navigate the final stages of the pet’s life.


Wild Life Wellness can offer a variety of services at this time, tailor-made for the specific needs and preferences of you and your pet:


  • Emotional Support: I know the profound emotional impact of losing a pet. I can provide a compassionate ear, emotional support and understanding throughout the entire end-of-life journey, whist initiating caring conversation about the dying process. Just as it is beneficial to plan for our own death, it can be helpful to plan for the death of our beloved companions as well. Having a well-thought-out plan reduces hasty decisions, painful surprises and unnecessary trauma or regret.


  • Comfort Care: I prioritise your pet’s comfort above all else. Energy healing can help manage any pain or discomfort your pet may be experiencing and help them feel more relaxed and supported in their dying process. In turn, you  process your own emotions and find some peace and acceptance, knowing you are ‘holding the space’ for a good death.


  • Legacy Activities: Together we will find meaningful activities and rituals to help you heal, memorialise, and celebrate the love you have for your pet whilst honouring your pet’s life and legacy. Whether it’s creating paw print keepsakes, arranging a final photo session, or simply spending quality time together, I’m here to help you create lasting memories - memories which are unique and specific to your relationship with your pet.


  • Practical Guidance: Navigating end-of-life decisions can be overwhelming. I can provide practical support when deciding on palliative care options, euthanasia considerations and aftercare arrangements. If you would like me to be present when saying goodbye to your beloved pet I can be there. I can travel to you, whether it is at your home or the vet’s office. I can help in making arrangements and guide after-death care.


  • After Death Care: I can help take care of your pet’s body in whatever way you desire, perhaps wrapping them with special blanket, including toys, flowers, and other significant items, when preparing them for their burial or cremation. You might like a tailor-made memorial ceremony at this time or when you have their ashes returned or at a time when family & friends can gather. I can also take your pet to the crematorium myself (and collect) or be a support for you if you decide to make the journey yourself.



  • On Call Service: Once a retainer has been paid, I will be there when you need me to support and assist whenever you need it most. This service can be in-person and/or vitual meetings.


End of Life Support Prices:

Given the flexible and varied services I offer as a Pet Doula my time and pricing will vary depending on the needs of the pet guardian.


An initial consultation (of up to 1.5hrs) to discuss how I might provide on-going support is £65. At this time we discuss everything about your pet’s needs including resources, options, services, celebration of life and rituals you might like to perform.


When I know the expectations of the family and the level of support you wish me to provide, I will submit a quote based on my time and involvement going forward. I will draw up a summary of what has been agreed including energy healing, on-call service, memory activities, end-of-life ceremonials etc. along with the quote. I will then require a deposit of 20% of the quote to retain my services.

If you’re facing the difficult decision of saying goodbye to your beloved pet, please know you don’t have to go through it alone. I can help you plan and provide the best possible end-of-life care for your pet and a dignified peaceful death and memorial filled with compassion and love.

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