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Welcome to Wild Life Wellness

Holistic Animal Healing for the emotional, physical, and mental needs of your animal companion.

All animals deserve the chance to feel their absolute best and live a healthy, balanced and joyful life.


My animal healing is a gentle, non-invasive shamanic energy therapy, with no side effects, which can complement veterinary treatment and other therapies.

Ultimately, the healing I offer comes from the heart and is always imbued with empathy, love and respect.

Lazy Brown Dog

Animal healing can: aid an animal’s recover from injury and illness; lessen pain and inflammation; strengthen the physical and emotional body; boost confidence; help alleviate stress; support animals suffering from bereavement and aid the transition into death with dignity, peace, and respect.


Sometimes you (and your vet) might be at a loss to work out the root cause of your animal companion’s problem – whether it be an emotional, physical or behaviour issue. Perhaps you know what the issue is but aren’t getting the results you were hoping for with the allopathic medicine administered by your animal healthcare practitioner. Or maybe you would like animal healing to be included in your animal’s healthcare as a complementary way to speed up their healing process or provide a regular ‘top-up’ service for well-being, boosting energy.


Wild Life Wellness can assist with the holistic rebalancing of the body, which includes the animal’s physical, mental and emotional states. Holistic healers treat the whole animal, and not just their symptoms, as there is an underlying belief that all parts of the body are connected and play a part in what is manifested as physical symptoms. An anxious dog might, for example, exhibit a skin rash. If you just treat the rash, you are not solving the root cause and in all likelihood the rash will return.


Animals are very much in tune with their energy and health and instinctively know how to receive healing vibrations best. It is always a pleasure to work with them as they don’t have any doubts or negative views about the energy they're receiving and don’t analyse the healing at the time it is given. They simply take what is offered to them, which enables their own natural ability to deal with whatever is causing their imbalance.

But they need their family to recognise their needs and place them in the hands of a therapist working at this energetic level.

Girl with Horse


In accordance with The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, none of my treatments are meant to replace veterinary care. Holistic animal healing is complementary to veterinary treatment, not a substitute. I am not a vet, therefore cannot diagnose, treat or prescribe anything for any animal. If your animal is unwell, you must firstly contact your vet. If your animal is currently under the care of a vet you must seek permission from them before any of my treatments.

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